This Call for Master Students of SmaLog Project related specialties at EU Universities within SmaLog Eramus+/CBHE Project – Special Mobility Strand:

1-Target Group

SmaLog project is opened for:

  • Students studying on the Master’s SmaLog Programme related specialties.

Candidates should obtain a Bachelor diploma and should be enrolled in SmaLog degree.


All the details on the Target groups are also available on the SmaLog website, section “Application Info”; and on the website of UA and GE Universities.


2 – Eligibility Criteria

  • academic merit;
  • previous mobility experience;
  • motivation;
  • previous experience in the receiving country (i.e. return to country of origin);
  • English language skills;
  • willingness and appropriate attitude to studying and researching.

With other things being equal Preference will be assigned to students with fewer opportunities:

  • economically disadvantage groups, which belong to the Low-income families in accordance with Ukrainian legislation:
  • children from families of military servicemen by groups;
  • children one of whose parents died as a result of a disease obtained in period of participation in the antiterrorist operation and etc.;
  • orphans, children deprived of parental care, persons of their number;
  • physically disabled participants:
  • persons with disability I and II groups in accordance with Ukrainian legislation and etc.
  • citizens belonging to preferential population groups in accordance with Ukrainian legislation.

3 – Types of mobility

Mobility for studies including traineeship period.

4 – Duration of mobility


Period of travel

University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy

Sep/Oct – Dec 2019

Sapienza University of Rome, Italy

Sep/Oct – Dec 2019

Politechnika Slaska, Poland

Sep/Oct – Dec 2019

Hochschule Wismar, University of Applied Science: Technology, Business and Design, Germany

Sep/Oct – Dec 2019


5 – Financial conditions

 According to the Guidelines for the Special Mobility Strand for grants awarded in 2017 under Call EAC/A03/2016:



Germany: Travel cost = 275 EURO

Poland: Travel cost = 275 EURO

Italy: Travel cost = 275 EURO


Financial support is granted to contribute to cover costs incurred during the mobility such as subsistence costs, accommodation, use of public transport and personal optional health insurance (see the Student/Staff Grant Agreement) for the individual participating in the mobility scheme. As reported in the E+ Programme Guide and here below, the amount provided varies depending, on the one hand on the destination and on the other, on the origin of the mobility whether it is from a Partner or a Programme country.


6 – Study fields

Please contact the Local Coordinator at Home University in order to develop your plan of study/research/teaching/training.


7 – Required documents

Candidates must attach to their application all necessary supporting documents according to their academic level and type of mobility (all the documents must be in PDF format only).


1 – Declaration of Honour (example is to be downloaded) – mandatory document.

2 – Passport copy– mandatory document.

3 – Curriculum Vitae– mandatory document.

4 – Language Certificate(s) (example is to be downloaded) – mandatory document.

5 – Recommendation letter from Host Department – mandatory document.

6 – Bachelor Diploma – mandatory document.

7 – Master Transcript of Records (only if applicable) – facultative document.

8 – Grant agreement (example is to be downloaded) – mandatory document.

9 – Learning agreement for studies (example is to be downloaded) – mandatory document.

10 – Mobility Info (example is to be downloaded) – mandatory document.

11 – Additional information (proof of socially disadvantaged situation, other certificates, portfolio, conference diplomas) – mandatory document.


Please contact the Local Coordinator at Home University in order for getting examples of the required documentsor click on the link below.



Complete application: You are requested to submit your application according to the rules of this Guideline for every type of mobility (see section 7 “Required documents”). Please be aware that without providing all mandatory documents your application will be considered ineligible.

The mobility assignments must be based on partnership agreements between the members of the partnership. The Home and Host universities must agree the individual grand, learning agreements.

Also, to verify your eligibility on the SmaLog website.

When you receive an Award letter from the Coordination Office, you will have 5 days to confirm your acceptance to be part of the SmaLog project.


8 – Documents upload procedure

For ZSTU students:

  • send all documents in the PDF format on the email with file name “SMS_SmaLog_student_student last name”;
  • bring all printed documents to the the Local Coordinator at HomeUniversity.

9 – Submission of the Application

Spring term





10 – Deadline


18s of March of 2019


11 – Evaluation procedure

The evaluation of each Application Form will be implemented according to the Selection criteria


Selection criteria for STUDENTS

1.Curriculum Vitae(Summary)

0 points – insufficient; 1 point – sufficient; 2 points – good; 3 points – very good.

2. Language level

0 points – insufficient; 1 point – sufficient; 2 points – good; 3 points – very good.

3. Academic records and awarded degrees

0-4 points (according to the table below)


0 points – insufficient; 1 point – sufficient; 2 points – good; 3 points – very good.

5. Recommendation letter from Host Department

0 points – insufficient; 1 point –sufficient.

Total possible score – 14 points


Curriculum Vitae – an assessment of the reasons and motivational aspects of mobility participation identified in the summary.

Recommendation letter from Host Department – an assessment of the willingness and appropriate attitude to studying and researching, identified in the recommendation letter.

Interviewfor avoiding the risk of insufficient language skills Host HEI has the authority to conduct an on-line interview of candidates by Skype or interview with the Head of the Department of Foreign Languages, representatives of International Center activities and Education, professors from Home Department.


Evaluation of Academic records according to the candidates Grade Point Average (GPA)


To calculate your GPA, please contact following link:


As a result of this evaluation process by the Selection Board, a list of candidates will be drawn up.


Cross-cutting issues:

  • Gender balance;
  • Economically disadvantage groups with the corresponding supporting documents to be uploaded to the Application;
  • Physically disabled participants with the corresponding supporting documents to be uploaded to the Application;
  • Impact on the project outcomes (Doctorate, Post-doctorate, Academic/Administrative staff).


12 – Selection results

Final lists of the candidates: Main List, Reserve List and Non-selected List will be drawn up as a result of the selection procedure and will be published on the SmaLog project website, section “Selection results”. The awarded candidate will receive an Award Letter from the Coordinating Office and will have 5 working days. After the acceptance of the grant, each grantee will receive an Invitation/Acceptance letter from the Host HEI. The appeal can be lodged on written request to the Selection Committee not later than 2 days after announcement of selection results.


13 – Results notification timetable:

Publication of the call for applications

25 of February 2019

Deadline for submission of applications and documentation

18 of March 2019

Selection process

25 of March 2019

Publication of results

27 of March 2019

Sending of invitation letters to beneficiaries

April 2019

Visa application

April, May 2019

Start of mobilities

Depends on the EU University



For more info:

For any doubt, see the following documents (to be downloaded):

Annex 1Guidelines for the use of the Grant

Annex 2Guidelines for the Special Mobility Strand

Annex 3Guidelines on how to use the Learning Agreement for Studies